VagabondBond Mission Statement

As explored by:

A. Friendships, a Community
To create and sustain genuine relationships with those who may not naturally be connected to us geographically or socially and possibly only through our common desire to explore, seek, question, and wander.

B. Inspiration
I. Teachers & Preachers
To encourage others outside our group to venture out into the world with a prepared mind, lessened expectations, heightened enthusiasm, and an open heart.
II. SpotLighters
To showcase other/outside vagabond-type artists by opening our community to spotlight those who fortify the spirit of our community.

C. Safe Haven
To ensure that Vagabondbond is a safe space to display and summon works of art through genuine encouragement, respectful critiquing, and honest and evoking conversation spurred on by such art — that Vagabondbond continues to be a place where you and your ‘all’ are invited and welcome.

D. The Great Challenge
To challenge one another: to spur one another on to be better: attentive listeners, observant see’ers, interested inquirers, and more directed, passionate renovators and executors of our artistic will.

E. Bread & Butter
Creating art is not only our passion, a great enjoyment, our life’s work; for some of us, it’s our business, our bread and butter; it’s our means to survive daily, therefore, to provide easy access to our individual stores and online projects so we can not only keep creating, but also give back.

F. Cares & Givings
To support causes and charities we feel passionate about by giving back to our own local communities and reaching out to individuals & groups in need. To make use of the gifts we’ve been given, the countless hours of work and heart we’ve put into our craft, and simply, our ability to take part in something meaningful–for the better of the world.

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