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A Guest Post by Shaun Menary

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First, I must say that it is an honor to be asked to guest blog along side such a fantastic collective of artists! So thank you to everyone involved. You all are truly brilliant. I was recently commissioned to shoot a wedding in Antigua, Guatemala; one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The beauty of Antigua is timeless and stunning. The cobble stone streets are lined with a never ending corridor of walls; all of which hold mysterious beauty within them. Every unassuming door behind it holds either a school, a mansion, a fancy restaurant, or who knows what else. Bicycles fly past, people shuffle, vendors sell, coffee brews, and the volcano rumbles in Antigua. Oh, that’s right, the city rests in the shadow

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of a volcano, which is both beautiful and brings an element of DANGER! Although, that’s probably just in my head. Oh, and you can buy Cuban cigars there. I recently acquired a Fuji x100 specifically for capturing travel shots when I don’t feel like lugging around my big DSLR. I can’t say enough about the x100; it’s the perfect travel camera for me. Quiet, small, unassuming, and just annoying enough to use that it causes me to slow down my pace and really consider my subjects and my choices. I love it. All of these images are x100 images. And, of course, the whole reason I was in Antigua in the first place; the lovely bride. (5DmII) See more of Shaun’s Antigua images here. See more of Shaun’s work at