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Can I just say that I love this site and it’s many talented contributors? Â It is an honor to post this here with many of whom, if not all, I have considered inspirational..

Being a wedding photographer has opened so many doors to travelling to wonderful places.  Having grown up a military brat with my father being in the Air Force I traveled most of my life extensively and live overseas for much of it.  It molded me into who I am and plays a big part in my life even now.  The best part about it other then the experience is that it opened me up to it so much and everywhere we go I try and soak up a piece of what that place has to offer, its culture, the land, whatever.  I think it is important.. and more so then that.. I am

Anna and I recently shot a wedding and underwater session in Mykonos, Greece and were lucky enough to spend some time in Santorini for a while after.  Santorini is another island in the south of the Aegean Sea. Although relatively close in proximity to Mykonos it is an entirely “different feel” of island in part due to the fact that it is the remnant of a volcanic caldera.  The islands that remain, of which Thira (Santorini) is one, look somewhat like an atoll with a big lagoon and volcanic crater in the middle.  I have been a lot of places and there is just nothing that quite resembles this place.

Some very good friends of ours were on holiday in Austria and decided to make the trip with us so it was great to have them along. Â It was Jillian’s birthday so we decided to make a day of it and spend it aboard a private catamaran. Â The catamaran had a crew of three and Theo was our captain. Â It was a fantastic way to see

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the islands, snorkel, cliff jump and eat our way through Santorini. Â The day ended up being amazing. Â Theo was a great captain. Â He had a lot of insight and said some things that really resonated with me. Â Theo was telling us that his father always told him there were three things never to turn his back on, the ocean, fire and a woman. Â Then in a discussion about work and play he said his father used to say that you work hard for half your life and sleep the other so you have to learn to enjoy the little bits of times you have in between. Â Theo’s dad was pretty smart guy.

I really cannot say enough about these islands and how much I fell in love with them. We honestly had the best time and it is an experience we will not soon forget. It is probably one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever taken. It was fun to get back to landscape photography, the area of photography that brought me into the wedding world in the first place. It is an amazing place for photos and I hope I have done it some justice.


The trip was done with Santorini Sailing for those interested. http://