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us looking at big rocks – a guest post

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we pointed at big rocks in the grand canyon south, shook the red sand from our shoes in monument valley, felt sharp & smooth rocks under our fingers in the petrified forest, and left our breath and other things at the bottom of canyon de chelly. we bought turquoise jewelry, heard a song about fry bread, held 200 million year old matter in the palm of our hand, enjoyed conversations with natives, and wildlife, and shared pita sandwiches and humbling discoveries. it was one of those trips you can make over and over without ever seeing the same things or at least seeing them the same way. we didn’t see what we had come to see, we just saw what we saw.

when wonderlust stirs our soul – A Guest Post

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disappear for a while, is just what we did. we found visual escape and peace here, on the edge of the atlantic, watching the moon rise every night, and meeting sea creatures underneath the surface. our hair smelled like bond fire smoke, our skin became darker, speckled with sand and mosquito bites, and we felt at home under a blue tent beaten by the wind, with the waves incredibly loud and close.
mon amour, the ocean, i love it all with madness.

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